Year 3 of St Andrews Primary School Weeley joined Terri & Lynda Community Rail Officers for ESSCRP for a fun educational morning at Clacton Station.

The day began with a train journey from Weeley to Clacton. Where, we were joined by Luke and Emily from the Bee Friendly Trust. The children learned about honey bees and pollination. Afterwards the children planted, bee friendly plants in the large planters on platform 2. The flowers are not only providing nectar for the bees but are improving the environment for all users of Clacton Station.

Planting at Clacton

The children enjoyed doing colouring of pictures of bees and flowers and decorated envelopes for the wild flower seeds that they were given by Luke and Emily for planting at home.

The children had received rail safety instruction in school from us prior to the trip, this was reinforced throughout the morning. Bram Bines a train driver from Clacton gave the children a tour of a class 360 driving cab where the children practiced making announcements and working the doors.

Finally the children went for an I Spy around the station before boarding the train back to Weeley in time for lunch.

This is the second venture that ESSCRP has had with the Bee Friendly Trust and local primary schools we have previously provided planters at Great Bentley Station.

We hope to continue our partnership working with schools and The Bee Friendly Society.