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Amongst shire counties, Essex has one of the largest rail networks with some 80 rail stations.

Essex and South Suffolk Community Rail Partnership (ESSCRP) was formed in 1998, with the aim of promoting the six branch lines within Essex. It sits under a larger umbrella of the Community Rail Network and is fully supported by the Department for Transport, who see community rail as a vital link between the railway and the local community. Community Rail is a growing, unique grassroots movement, connecting people with their railways and station, delivering social, environmental and economic benefits. ESSCRP works with Greater Anglia (GA) and helps support GA’s Station Adoption initiatives, which has become very successful, with most of the 40 branch line stations having one or more station adopters. Many of these stations are unmanned so the station adopters not only improve the station environment but are also the ‘eyes and ears’ for their station – a vital link for GA and ESSCRP.

Promoting the branch lines entails producing publicity material, promoting the lines on social media, and organising special event trains – with multiple themes,
such as trains to the Sea Shanty Festival in Harwich, to Christmas train events and music trains.

To find out about the many events throughout the year check our events page

Who We Are and What We Do

Essex and South Suffolk Community Rail Partner Ship look after six lines, The Flitch Line, Gainsbourough Line, Mayflower Line, Crouch Valley Line, Southend Line and Sunshine Coast Line, our aims are to increase the number of passengers using the trains, improve community engagement and to tackle social inclusion.

We have a yearly plan which includes branch lane station improvements and a three year plan to get defibrillators at each branch line station.  We want our passengers to feel safe at the stations and continue to use our trains.


Joining to manage the small team in 2010, Jayne leads the rail development work at Essex County Council and looks after the day to day management of the Community Rail Team.  Jayne enjoys working with volunteers and is keen to improve the branch line stations.

Promoting the six branch lines encouraging footfall, but also engaging with the community and tackling social inclusion, make the role very varied and interesting.




Jane Stewart (BA Hons, University of Essex) is an award-winning visual artist based on the Essex coast, her work is rooted in nature, especially the coast, and our relationship to it. She works with local community groups, creating projects and programmes of workshops that bring communities together through making. The newest member of the ESSCRP team, she is committed to sustainable transport, creating fun events for rail travellers and making our stations more welcoming through the use of art and nature.



Joining the team in February 2019, June is based at Chelmsford and looks after The Flitch Line and The Gainsborough Line. She is hoping to bring her previous knowledge of transportation gained from Essex and London to the role. She also hopes her experience of planting up hanging baskets will help.


Catherine looks after all matters on the Crouch Valley (Wickford to Southminster) line and the Southend (Wickford to Southend Victoria) line.  Her background is community engagement for the Highway and Rail industries.  She is not an able gardener but willing to muck in under instruction from the station adopters.