Rail Safety & Resources

Keep safe, stay safe when travelling by train

Visiting a station and catching a train is a great way to travel as trains are really safe and can move a lot of people at the same time.

To keep yourself safe when waiting for the train there are a few things to remember:

  • Stand behind the yellow line away from the platform edge.A train can travel up to 120mph and creates wind which might push or pull you over if too close to the edge.
  • When getting to your platform, always follow the passenger walkways around the station and use the footbridges, underpasses or foot crossing. Never go on the track. There could be electric conductor rails or overhead cables which power the train.  Theses are always on and could seriously shock or harm you.
  • If you drop something on the track – please leave it and report it to a station staff or via the help point and they will tell you what to do. Stay on the platform.
  • Never go on the track – you may get squashed. Trains are much quieter now and travel fast.  A train is heavy so cannot stop quickly as the force keeps them moving.  Trains can come from either direction at any time.

Rail Safety Education

The program includes:

  • Visit to the school
  • Presentation including a short DVD
  • Audience participation demonstrations e.g. how electricity passes through your body
  • Travel by train along one of our branch lines to break down barriers and enhance understanding of how to use the railway
  • To make students aware of rail safety issues and effects of trespass and vandalism/graffiti on perceptions of rail travel
  • To encourage themed student art and project for use on stations in partnership with any other community groups
  • Provide rail safety educational resources

Rail Partners - Rail Safety Awareness Resources

Network Rail offers a range of age targeted films, interactive games and classroom activities, that teaches pupils to be aware of risky behaviour and develop hazard-spotting skills.

Network Rail safety education

Our colleagues at Heart of England Community Rail Partnership together with Chiltern Railways, have produced a series of rail safety lesson plans, video and presentation which can be downloaded and used


Arlo’s Adventures

The book, written and illustrated by train driver Bessie Matthews, follows Arlo and his friends on a day out as they make safe choices around the railway.  A great book for class guided reading.  A copy of the ‘pick a path’ railway safety book can be requested for your school from ESSCRP


Or you can read it online here 

Rail Safety Video

During lock down ESSCRP developed a rail safety video in partnership with Network Rail for delivery in primary schools.

You can watch the video here


If you are interested in incorporating a broader rail, engineering and STEM based activities, a good starting point is a list of resources collated by the Young Rail Professionals Network.  The activity packs help to give you an introduction to the rail sector and an overview of the types of roles people do.


Download the Activity pack here