White Notley Station reunion

11 March 2024

Bob & Elvie Dolling's family return to White Notley station!





Between 1956 and 1994, Bob and Elvie Dolling were synonymous with White Notley station and this weekend their family returned as new station adopters to keep a family tradition of connection with their heritage. Its not a big station, the least used in Essex in fact, although the platform almost reaches Cressing now – very different to the short platform of its early days. 15 volunteers turned out to make some improvements on Saturday 9th March including the three children who grew up at the Station House: Jenny Paul and Scott who are mentioned in the news article.

We cleaned out all the moss and leaves from the passenger areas, scrubbed algae from the shelter and generally tidied things up but our mission was also to consider what we can do for the future to help make this space more than just the least used station in Essex. We’ve written to the local parish council to join up with events, considering railway and social history talk with the local WI and school and also looking at some events that might be interesting to bring the station to more positive profile.

Some pictures are attached of the team on the day and of Mum who appeared in the Braintree and Witham Times back in her youth!

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