Things to do in Clacton-On-Sea

Clacton On Sea beach & pier

Clacton’s sandy beach is a must for families throughout the summer, along the beach are various amusement arcades, but the pier is always a pull, with colourful games and rides and attractions like ten pin bowling, go karts, soft play and adventure golf. There is a Halloween Festival and Xmas at the pier every year

The Pier was officially opened on 27th July 1871 when the SS ‘Albert Edward’ called, bringing with it a party of directors from Woolwich Steam Packet Company and around 200 guests. When it opened it was just 160 yards in length and 4 yards wide.

Clacton Pier was originally built mainly as a landing platform, a jetty to accommodate the movement of manufactured goods, products and many other items. They thought that some passengers may visit but the owners could not have dreamt of such an overwhelming footfall. With The Piers and Promenade offering a new type of day out at the sea Victorians were simply flocking to Clacton. It was soon realised, as the numbers continued to grow, that there was money to be made from the holidaymakers. Word spread about this tourist hot spot so buildings and shelters were slowly added.

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