Railway Recipe Competition

12 December 2019

We in the Essex and South Suffolk Community Rail Partnership would like to announce the winner of our exciting new recipe section. We know some of our station adopters are amazing cooks and bakers because we have sampled their wares. So we have introduced a Railway recipe section on our website. Our very worthy winner is Corinne Sermons, one of our lovely adopters at Marks Tey.

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Cheddar Whirls


Dried potato or mashed potatoes

Small onion or spring onion

6 oz cheese (grated)

1 large egg

Block of puff pastry



Heat oven to gas 6 or 200 degrees

Make up 1 oz dried potato with water or use mashed potatoes.

Add together with chopped onion, grated cheese, egg

Roll the pastry to a rectangle 8” x 12”

Spread the mixture over.


Roll like a swiss roll from the long side.


Cut into half inch pieces and put on an oven tray, well-spaced as they will spread out.


Bake for 10 to 15 minutes.


You can add ham, bacon, mushrooms or pickle to taste.




Gluten Free Quiche


2 large potatoes

10 oz cheese (grated)

3 large eggs

7 fl oz milk



Tinned tuna








Heat oven to gas 4 or 180 degrees

Slice potatoes and boil briefly in water until soft but not falling to pieces.

Line a flan dish

Fill with grated cheese.

Mix eggs and milk and use to cover cheese.


Bake for 30 to 40 minutes until firm



Savoury mince pie



8oz plain white flour (I often use 6oz white and 2oz wholemeal)

4oz margarine

Pinch salt

Approx. 2tbs. cold water

Serve flour and salt into bowl, rub in margarine to make fine breadcrumb texture. Add water and bind together. Leave to rest while mixing all filling ingredients together.


2oz porridge oats

8oz good quality beef mince

2tbs tomato purée

1 beaten egg (reserve a small amount to brush top)

Shake of Worcestershire sauce

Half a beef Oxo cube

1-2 tbs. water

Salt and pepper to taste


Divide pastry into 2 thirds and one third

Roll out larger piece to line an 8” sandwich (including sides) tin (line bottom or grease).

Put in filling. Roll out last third of pastry and place on top, sealing and fluting edges. Brush with remaining egg with a little milk added. Sprinkle with extra oats.

Bake approx. 40 mins. Gas 5, 165c, fan 175 – 180c. Until golden.


Can be eaten hot or cold. (Good with salad for summer)

Serves 4.