Dragon Artwork at Bures

9 September 2021

A beautiful piece of artwork featuring the Bures Dragon has appeared at Bures station!

A beautiful piece of artwork has recently appeared in the station garden at Bures, a stunning addition to this already lovely station. It is the result of a collaboration with Ferriers Barn. Ferriers Barn is located on the outskirts of Bures and has been running since 1974 as a day centre for adults with disabilities.

The Barn has developed as an educational arts and crafts centre where the Members (that is, those who attend) are taught and their families and carers are provided with essential respite. The initiative was led by our local adopter, Mary. For those who don’t know, Bures has a fantastic walk up to the rolling hills behind St Stephen’s chapel which has a chalk dragon etched on the hill side. Created in 2012 as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and based on a local legend of a dragon at Bures, it is a sight well-worth seeing.

ESSCRP then arranged for the lovely painting of the dragon produced by Ferriers Barn to be carefully scanned using an extra large scanner and reproduced in di-bond (a tough aluminium composite) to make it weather proof. It is now in pride of place at the top of a poster board and is one of the first things visitors will see as they alight at Bures.

The first of many such collaborations we hope!

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