Things to do in Sudbury

The Waters Meadows – Sudbury

Sudbury's renowned water meadows are perhaps the jewel in the town's crown and have been immortalised by the works of Gainsborough and Constable. The meadows are carefully maintained by the Sudbury Common Lands Charity.

Sudbury’s famous Water Meadows that nuzzle up to the town have been grazed continuously for a thousand years. In 1260 Richard de Clare gave the pastures to the burgesses of the town for a rent of 40 shillings a year.  Having never been farmed, Sudbury’s Common Lands are as breathtaking as ever and remain a haven for wildlife and humans alike. On behalf of Sudbury Town Council the Common Lands are managed by The Common Lands Charity and are accessible for all to enjoy year round. Both the Stour Valley Path and The St Edmunds way pass through this beautiful landscape that has inspired some of the world’s most celebrated artists, among them Sudbury’s very own Thomas Gainsborough.

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