Things to do in Hythe

Bambu Vietnamese

Authentic scrumptious Vietnamese food served , whether inside or outside overlooking the river and the lightship in the Hythe. 5 mins walk from Hythe station and the beginning/end of the Wivenhoe trail

Tucked away in the heart of The Hythe, Colchester, Bambu is a family run Vietnamese Restaurant offering an array of fresh tasting culinary from scrumptious small eats and salads, to heart-warming bowls of “Pho”. You will find the delightful true flavours of street food, as well as the humble way of Vietnamese living as reflected through the comforting, rustic décor.

The owner began with an idea to transform an empty building off the bank of the River Colne (in The Hythe) into a modern rustic sanctuary using reclaimed materials and wood pallets. He hand crafted each table, each bench and every detail, bringing to life the overall vision of humble surroundings and the authentic feeling of Vietnam for guests whilst dining at Bambu.

Their menu is mainly inspired by traditional Vietnamese street food. Every dish to prepared and cooked to order using fresh ingredients available, just like it would be at home. Combined with family recipes and their deep love for food, each plate ends up being a tasty blend of truly authentic Vietnamese dish.

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