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The Cavell Van Train Event

6 July 2019 | 11.00

Join us on the event train to travel to see the Cavell Van which will be at the Mayflower Heritage Centre in George Street Harwich.

Join us on the decorated theme train from Manningtree to Harwich. Once at Harwich you can visit the van which will be based at the Mayflower Heritage Centre in George Street.

The van will be there from 5th – 14th July and ESSCRP are working in partnership with the Heritage Centre to decorate the 10.00 hrs train from Manningtree to Harwich, there will be actors on board to provide you with information about the Carvell Van and its importance to the local area.

The Carvell Van transported the repatriated body of Captain Fryatt to London in 1919 and then to Dovercourt where he is now buried. The carriage also repatriated the body of Nurse Edith Cavell to Norwich and the remains of the Unknown Warrior who is famiously interred in Westminster Abbey.

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