Acorn Village provide care and support for adults who have a learning disability and/or autistic spectrum.  They work with us to produce art projects at some of the stations we support.

ESSCRP work in partnership with Acorn Village and we identified three key areas as a priority.
Mural in the underpass at Manningtree Station:
The residents with staff have produced a mural which depicts views on the Mayflower line and surrounding areas. The mural was completed in June 2017 and is in the underpass. There have been positive comments from the public  and it has certainly brightened up the underpass.
We are very pleased that the second phase of the mural is now complete which will be placed on the opposite wall in the underpass. This should be in place by the end of the year.


ESSCRP and Acorn Village Mistley (who provide care and support for adults who have a learning disability and/or autistic spectrum.) worked together a few years ago to develop art work for Mistley station. It was a great success with art installations put in Mistley shelter.

In 2016 we met again to discuss the possibility of painting a mural for the underpass at Manningtree station, following the installation of the lift at the station. ESSCRP agreed to fund the project with Acorn village applying for additional funding.

The residents at Acorn Village are involved in the project and have designed exciting ideas for the mural. Over the next couple of weeks Greater Anglia will put up the first panel in the underpass, which will explain about the development of the mural by Acorn Village. The mural will be developed over the coming months with panels put up as they are completed.

The themes of the mural will include a train, the local area and the Mayflower Line.