A polished train has gained new logos on the side, thanks to Abellio Greater Anglia.  The train, one of four in the region, was unveiled at Marks Tey at the end of June.  

Jayne and Terri joined volunteer Corinne, Jonathan Denby and Chris Page at Marks Tey for a photo.  

Frinton Station has acquired more murals by the same artist, Dave Nash.

Alongside the large Frinton Highlights mural in the disused shelter and the portrait of Sir Winston Churchill, a frequent visitor to the town, Station Adopters Diana and Trevor Cobb negotiated with Dave to fill the three remaining blank wall with pictures  relating to the railway history of the town. 

Trevor said, “Dave is a very talented artist and to watch him work is fascinating.  He was very open at the design stage and I have lost count of the number of drafts we emailed back and forth.  We hope that the customers will enjoy looking at them as much as we did preparing them.”

To the left is a picture of a sunset through the lattice framework of the original 1927 footbridge, based on a photograph taken by Diana’s father, a prize-winning amateur photographer,  in the 1950’s. 

Next to that is a view of the sea from a traditional  carriage window inspired by a reference in the autobiography of writer Dora Saint (Miss Read) commenting that she always felt excited by her first glimpse of the sea as the train left Kirby Cross on her way to summer holidays with her grandparents in Walton.

The third picture is of the time in 1958 when the branch started to be used as a test bed for the 25Kv electrification system which was being proposed for the London – Colchester –Clacton electrification.  The idea was to ensure that it was safe to use the higher voltage on the restricted clearances of a rural branch line.

Diana said, “We are delighted with the new murals and very grateful to ESSCRP for providing the funding.  A lot of people have said how much they like the pictures.  We like to keep the station looking nice partly because it is the gateway to the town and partly in order to try to make customers’ travel experience as pleasant as possible”.  She also thanked Terri Ryland and Jayne Sumner from ESSCRP for their support and Petrina Murphy, Rebecca Richardson and Sue Smith from AGA for their help and cooperation.  “It is great to have such a good working relationship, particularly with Sue on the station, to help to promote Frinton and the Sunshine Coast Line and make Frinton Station the friendly and welcoming place it is.”

Meanwhile, further along the platform, they have planted the barrel train in red, white and blue flowers , geraniums and lobelia,  and decorated it with bunting to celebrate the Queen’s Birthday.

Some photos from our day at London Liverpool Street.  Thank you to Network Rail Liverpool Street for their hospitality and support.


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