Year 3 of St Andrews Primary School Weeley joined Terri & Lynda Community Rail Officers for ESSCRP for a fun educational morning at Clacton Station.

The day began with a train journey from Weeley to Clacton. Where, we were joined by Luke and Emily from the Bee Friendly Trust. The children learned about honey bees and pollination. Afterwards the children planted, bee friendly plants in the large planters on platform 2. The flowers are not only providing nectar for the bees but are improving the environment for all users of Clacton Station.

Planting at Clacton Station

Spring is hereIts now time to get out and start planting, spring is here.  When I think of all the hard work our station adopters put in to making our station gardens look colourful and welcoming I am so enthused by the dedication and commitment.  We are just at the time in the season when our dedicated station adopters will be out digging up the flower beds or replanting the tubs that make our station environment so alive.  Lots of thought go into colour schemes and types of plants that provide a contrast for sometimes a dull station building or fence.  I know a lot of our station adopters are keen to recycle not only bulbs but old compost as well. A huge thank you to all our wonderful station adopters and looking  forward to seeing the flowers appearing over the summer months.   

You can now download our 2016 Activity Book, which outlines a lot of the work done by the CRP.

You can view this by clicking here

2016 Activity Image

On Sunday the 23rd October we undertook our second walk on the Gainsborough Line, we were lucky the day was fine in fact a great weather day for walking!

Approx 29 people turned up to enjoy the gorgeous countryside and expert guided walk by Keith our station adopter at Chappel Station and for the brave a further walk expertly guided by David and Anne our station adopters at Bures Station. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves we will definitely be repeating!

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