It’s been great to see that bees have  been using the nesters this year. At Wrabness the nester in the station garden has three capped holes with another having a seal a little further back, these are likely to be leaf cutter bees. Unfortunately the bee nester on the platform has disappeared completely.

Wivenhoe has also been a favourite for bees with several holes capped in the two nesters in the garden.

Harwich Town has five of the individual nester tubes have been used, at this stage it is not clear which species have used the nester.

When the holes in the nesters are capped its worth looking around at the plants in the station gardens and other plants nearby, to see if you can find any leaves with the characteristic patterns cut into them similar to those in the attached image, these were made by Leaf Cutters.  The most likely are leaves that are thin and smooth, some large petals may also have been used.