The bee nesters have now been taken down for the colder months and are being stored in garden sheds.

The nester at Wrabness garden had two holes filled, Wivenhoe had three holes filled,

We have had no luck at Arlesford or Manningtree stations.

Unfortunately the Dovercourt nester was vandalised some time back and the nester also disappeared.

The nesters will be put out again in April 2017.

It’s been great to see that bees have  been using the nesters this year. At Wrabness the nester in the station garden has three capped holes with another having a seal a little further back, these are likely to be leaf cutter bees. Unfortunately the bee nester on the platform has disappeared completely.

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We are pleased to report that the Bee Nesters have put out again.  We are hoping to see some activity during 2016 from the red mason and leaf cutter bees. They are at most stations along the Mayflower line and at Wivenhoe station.  Due to the cool spring, we anticipate a lot of the activity from the bees will be later through the year - something we'll keep you posted on.

Its been a great year for bees along the Mayflower line.  Below is the bee nester update, which has helped to show that both red mason and leaf cutter bees have used the nesters.

Bee Nester September 2015 Update

A suggestion was made to the Community Rail Partnership Coordinator for the Mayflower Line that this line could strive to become a Bee Guardian, or at least a Bee Friendly, line.  The suggestion was well received and work to provide nest sites for solitary bees at stations on the Mayflower Line was started.  It was agreed that it was not practical, or even appropriate, to install a nester at Harwich International Port.

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